Horrible, horrible, horrible day so far

Baby painting, tiny fetus

Baby painting, tiny fetus

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but no I do actually love love love dualrosa like

tbh i live for dolorosa marrying dualscar for the money to be sure her kid gets a good life but dualscar being all really into like bragging about his beautiful, wonderful wife (who’s also a good cook) meanwhile she just leans over to the closest person and is like “so this guy’s got the smallest dick”

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i thought u meant speed paint like on youtube and i was gonna be like “u know they speed those up right?”

um, i’m pretty sure if people did that that they wouldn’t be called speedpaints, i should know i’ve seen ppl paint entire anime in three minutes flat

*sees fantastic ten min spitpaint*
first of all, fuck you

koalanurples asked: what is your favorite type of condiment to lube up w



thAT soUN Ds pr ETY hoT

god i love looking up fucked up stuff online like damn, why is it so addictive to stare at people’s weird fetishes, crotchboobs… inflation…

Anonymous asked: :O what kind of tablet is that?

uhhh it’s an asus transformer pad i think?? tbh tho i wouldn’t really recommend it for drawing; it tends to glitch on me enough of the time to make it pain, tho i still like it for on the go digital stuff (and no pen pressure, naturally). it’d really fabulous for typing up hw and just doing regular internet stuff though, which is why i got it lmao

ohmy god tho i was making i guess what in theory would be the draft sketch of that neprezi drawin in art class this week and the student teacher was watching me and was all “yeah lets see how this turns out” and i didn’t want to be rude but just im still at that level where i cant accept strangers watching me draw

a) shippy stuff

b) gay shippy stuff

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